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Action Games:

Amorphous +Amorphous +

Defend yourself against the gloople race, quite a variety of species if I may add, each with different skills, you have a cleaver that you can swing, very addictive!

Death Versus MonstarsDeath vs Monstars

Death vs Monstars is an action packed game featuring a tricks, weapons and a range of monsters. You will be able to reach the boss, but will you be able to kill him?

Armored FighterArmored Fighter

Take control of the armored robot and incinerate your enemies with your firepower. Not as easy as I make it seem :)

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Adventure Games:

Fancy Pants Adventure World 2Fancy Pants Adven World 2

A Gem of a game, retro style with modern physics makes this one game you have to play. Highly recommended by me.

Treasure Seas IncorporatedTreasure Seas Incorporated

Dive into the sea to find the treasure, upgrade your sub and avoid the sharks in this beautiful Adventure Game

Submachine Zero An Ancient AdventureSubmachine 0 An Ancient Adventure

Play this game before you try anything else on this page. Its the easiest and will give you a hang of the rest.

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Flying Games:

Jet SpeedJet Speed

This game is good fun and you need to be very skillful to beat it. Use the keyboard to start playing once the game loads.

Bump Copter 2Bump Copter 2

A combination of flying, skill and amazing physics in this fun flash game that will get you hooked till the end!

Raiden XRaiden X

Fast paces, extremely entertaining and a hell of a lot of power ups and weapon combinations.

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Puzzling Games:

Dreams the Difference GameDreams

A simple spot the difference game, with some outstanding dreamy art! Although some parts can be tough!


Help the SeppuKuties escape to a new home in this skilled puzzle game, suicide is a must to progress in some levels!

Cursor 10Cursor 10

You have ten cursors each one of them have a life span, live multiple lives to finish this games enduring 16 levels.

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Racing Games:

Indestructo TankIndestructo Tank

Race against time, bounce on your enemies without hitting the ground, super fun!

Pope Box RacerPope Box Racer

The Hand of God smashing the Pope, what can be more fun, fat boy? A must play!

Heavy Metal RiderHeavy Metal Rider

Long load time for a game that you may not belive can be played via your browser. The bike moves just like it used to for Road Rash.

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Serving Games:

The WaitressThe Waitress

A little slow in the start, nice features, as it speeds up it gets quite tough.

Hot Dog BushHot Dog Bush

Apart from the hilarious story line, this game will test your speed with the mouse and ability to multitask.

Kebab VanKebab Van

The right Kebab mixture, the right price and the right amount of supplies will help you get on the highscore list.

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Skill Games:

The World's Hardest GameThe World's Hardest Game

Move the red box to the end of the maze, simple instructions for a very difficult skill game!

The Line GameThe Line Game

The line game is a light super fun game, move the line through the maze, super fun!


If you played snake, this is so much better and trippier as well. Your really have to have some skill to complete the final level.

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Sport Games:

Cricket ChallengeCricket Challenge

Play a quick game of cricket, test your batting skills and score as many boundaries as you can!


One on One Basketball fast paced, good fun, unlock locations, two play modes

Mini PoolMini Pool

Get the balls in the hole before you run out of time to progress to the next level!

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Strategy Games:

Bow Master PreludeBow Master Prelude

Defend your castle and upgrade weapons in this heavy but super game that allows you to save levels. Must Play!

ShadezShadez: The Black Operations

A fun, action filled real time strategy game that holds an arsenal of modern weapons to use against your enemies.

The Blade of InnocenceThe Blade of Innocence

Upgrade your castle for new units and destroy the enemy. Fast paced game and difficult, but beautiful!

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Tower Defense Games:

Onslaught 2.2Onslaught 2.2

A hardcore tower defense game that allows you to combine weapons to create a new one. Easy to start off with, tough to crack!

Strategy Defence 5Strategy Defense 5

A fast paced tower defence cum strategy game with loads of different units.

Desktop Tower DefenseDesktop Tower Defense

Defend your desktop from all the creeps walking on it in this tower defence game.

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terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2009

The Great Bathroom Escape

segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2009

Buggle Connect

Buggle ConnectYou perhaps have played boomshine, a game where you create a bubble and try to set of a chain reaction. Buggle connect is similar, you have these small little clouds called buggles and they move about randomly.

When they stop moving you need to place your marker in a spot that it can connect to as many buggles as possible. The ones that are far away do not connect, so you basically need to find the most populated spot and place your marker there.

The more you connect the more points you get, but this becomes even more fun when you play with other people at the same time. Buggle connect allows you to play with up to twenty other people and a minimum of two can play with each other.

So connect as many buggles as you can to win the game, good luck and have fun!

quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009

Burger Jam

Burger Jam From the creators of the Kebab Van we have yet another serving game. This ones called Burger Jam, well that perhaps gives out the entire essence of the game.

You serve burgers to the humans and the not so human hungry creatures as per what they ask for. As usual these games start of real smooth and easy to give you a feel of it.

As you progress it just gets well too much too soon, leads to a couple of misclicks, wrong orders and a lot of recycling. The game is time based, you have to make a certain amount of money to meet the goal and get to the next level.

There is a lot of variety involved so when it comes to combinations make sure you don't make a mistake or you may get your customers annoyed! If your customer runs out of patience they leave and you loose some of your money.

Lets see if you have the skills required to become the next burger king!

quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2009


Overall Sonny is a fun game and if you like adventure based rpgs you are surely going to have a good time.

quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2009

Ragdoll Canon Remake

Ragdoll Canon RemakeIf you are a gamer you would have heard of rag doll effects, but would you imagine a flash game that utilizes the rag doll effect to actually create a game that will test your skill.

That should suffice as a basic introduction to the Rag doll Canon series, today you are going to try your hand at the rag doll cannon remake, better than the first version with 25 levels of game play.

What you need to is shoot a rag doll from the cannon to hit the target, this enables you to proceed to the next level. Simple as it sounds, the levels get trickier, and you will need to use multiple dolls to gt to the target.

You can control the velocity of the ragdoll by the distance the sight is from the canon. Each level has a pass code that you can use to start off from where you last stopped, go ahead enjoy the ragdoll remake!

domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

Amorphous +

Amorphous +This is perhaps one of the most addicting games I have played, not only is it fun, has a lot of elements like the different glooples that make it tough to beat. It has different modes, various rewards that help you make progress and over 110 awards that you can win as you play.

Your the human with a big knife that you can swing, you can either choose to clean out a gloople nest or to go for a bounty run. You also have a gloople encyclopedia called the Beastiary that provides you with some basic tips on the gloople and how to tackle them.

Some rewards like the box gun that helps you take out glooples come in very effective in the later stages of tackling a big nest. The game is tough, has some pleasent soundtracks in the background and I have not managed to unlock all the glooples or clear out a huge nest! Lets see if you can do so!